The Footage

So today I have to find musicians and watch footage.  And do yoga.  It’s a tough life.  Seriously, watching footage when you wrote the script, acted and directed is a little like looking in the mirror ceaselessly for two hours.  I’m like, I would never be caught dead in that outfit.  Neither would my character.  What was I thinking?  Or else I’m like, you know, nothing else matters when something is that beautiful.  It can be a frame, a shaft of light, the way an actor turns her head–even if the actor is me.  Or else I’m jealous as only actors can be…of younger, prettier or even GULP more talented people.  Am I supposed to think I’m the most talented person in the world?  I mean, come on.  Anyhow, the footage.  It looks good.  It’s moving.  Since for once I’m not trying to be ridiculous, it’s a good thing it’s moving.  I really wanted to create a story about good people–not ordinary people, but people exceptionally aware of the necessity of morality, people who love and always want to love better.  And then, of course, I had to make them suffer, because how else would I find out what they were made of?  As it happens, I made them Episcopalians.  When I was writing the script, I was also collaborating on another film with the son of an Episcopal priest and his psyche must have permeated mine.  Anyhow, I kind of love the Episcopalians I’m meeting because of this project.  They all work at a church, but they are exactly the kind of moral people I wrote about.  Go figure.

I have procrastinated long enough.  I am now officially going to watch footage for the demo trailer of Saint John the Divine in Iowa.  A title I have been told is way too long.