Back to the film and fund-raising!

Well, after three oral surgeries and more mishagas than I care to think about, I AM BACK TO FUNDRAISING FOR THE MOVIE! I have recently been reminded of religious intolerance and oppression, and my commitment to making a movie about the nature of love as tolerance and understanding has deepened. Fundraising requires boldness, commitment…and I keep thinking about how to explain how important movies are, how they live in our conscious and unconscious minds, how they de-sensitize us in both good and bad ways…I think the American cinema needs to be reminded of the truest human concerns–the ethics of love and family, how a religious community can both remember and forget its values. I created this story to investigate the possibility of bridging different points-of-view within a family. I wanted to see if I could make my characters keep trying to reach each other no matter what. I wanted to see if they could make it through their differences still loving each other. That seems to me so essentially the moral struggle of family, so deeply resonant to our human fears of loss and abandonment. Can we love each other enough? I think we need a film that says, “yes.”


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