Humility Week: Why I Did It, the VERY Non-Spiritual Answer

So my partner is like, Why did you decide to do this?  What is the purpose of writing about your faults for a week?

I told her she had to wait until it was over and that would be my 8th post.  This was to make her read my blog, in case she wasn’t already.

So, J, here is your answer:  I wrote about my faults because I’m trying to impress you with my great self-awareness so I can GET OUT OF COUPLES THERAPY!

For everyone else, I’ll let you know if it works.  It’s a long shot, and I sincerely doubt it, but it was worth trying.  Pretty much anything is worth trying to get out of couples therapy.

My partner also told me that I seemed very aware of my faults and very articulate about them.  And I’m like, we’ve been married for 24 years!  Of course I know what my faults are because you tell me!

Anyone who has been married for this long will know exactly what I am talking about.

And, anyone who has been married this long will guess that our next couples therapy topic is this:  Lyralen Being Manipulative on Her Blog.

I am not enlightened. I’m not even trying.  My sole purpose in life is to graduate from f$%^ing couples therapy.  And I’m not doing so well.

Though I am planning to put my chair next to the door, ostensibly because my back hurts when I sit on the couch, but really because that much proximity to the couples therapist makes me inclined to turn on exactly this kind of humor, which was probably only funny in the first session.

I suppose I will keep on writing about couples therapy into eternity.  And when I die, I will be praying to be reincarnated as a being who never has to go to couples therapy.

I really don’t like it.  But I guess you probably have already picked that up.

PS–The spiritual answer as to why I did it and what the results seem to be will take longer to write.  That’s just the way things go.


3 thoughts on “Humility Week: Why I Did It, the VERY Non-Spiritual Answer

  1. If you really want to get out of couples therapy, I suggest focusing on your good qualities and good deeds. Looking forward to that blog. 🙂
    With affection,

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