Saint John the Divine in Iowa–To Be or Not to Be

I am discouraged.

Which is not to mention tired, sick (I have a cold) and emotionally spent from writing about rage even though I STILL don’t have back pain.

So I am considering next moves.

Certainly I should meditate and not let feelings decide.  Only, there’s some intuition stirring.  There’s some letting go calling to me.

I love this project best of any I’ve ever done.

And I am discouraged.

It happens to the best of us.  In this business, a lot.

Metta, unconditionally.  I am allowed to be discouraged.  And go back to bed.  I’m allowed to do that, too.

Writing about rage seems to mean I am insisting on not being perfect.  With a certain amount of ferocity, even though obviously I am a very gentle soul.  Who is occasionally ferocious.  But not as often as you might think.



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