Wall Street Protests: How to Really Change It?

Let’s get real.  It all comes down to campaign finance reform.  Until we get corporate money out of politics, until it becomes illegal for special interests to buy politicians, what we will always have is the current corporate state of the nation, with its greed, its corruption, the rich growing richer.  It’s not Wall Street, it’s the fact that there just aren’t that many Paul Wellstone types in Congress.  (Info: his first campaign was run on $100 contributions.  No one could give more.  And he won!  Of course, he died unexpectedly and I’m sure there are conspiracy theories on that one.)

Anyhow, Wall Street and the banks did a number on this country.  So has government debt.  But if we the people have so little power, and no one truly representing us in government, what should we do about it?  (And why hasn’t Barack Obama enforced existing laws that monitor trading?)

Campaign finance reform.  It’s the real issue.

And why I can’t quite hate John McCain.  It was his issue.  For a while.  It’s why other Republicans just don’t quite trust him and never will.


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