Why Am I a Glutton for Punishment OR Couples Therapist #4.

Okay.  I went in and told the truth.

And I like the truth.  It’s so wonderfully painful.  As an artist, which means I enjoy my own suffering and use it as fuel, the truth is on my side.

The couples therapist told us that he himself tried about every therapy out there and found most of them didn’t work.  The only one that does work for him is IFS, because it isn’t psychological, it’s psychospiritual.

DING!  Let the meditation gongs ring.

Then he worked with my partner for a while…they all do this, did you notice?  I come in, make my opening statement, and then they go to her and stay with her.

BUT, she did not make her angelic face.

AND, he asked me if he’d stayed with her too long.

Are you getting the idea that he might be less than certifiable himself?  Or at least, certifiable in the same ways I am.

I know this, remove the spiritual and healing doesn’t happen.  BUT, new age bullshit unrigorous let’s pretend we’ve forgiven the hurts we haven’t forgiven to look good is NO GOOD.  I’m as into fake healing as I am into therapy in general.

Anyhow, he also said he hoped I wouldn’t be as upset by this session as the last one.

Which would be hard to top, so I think we’re good.

The top number of sessions is about four.  I’m wondering if we can break the record.  Up and down we go.

PS–This guy also said if you make your partner responsible for your happiness, life is one long roller coaster ride.  Which I already believe.  So, even better.


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