The Stork…Guess What I’m Talking About?

Yes, couples therapy.

We are at it again, seriously.  Session #3 with the straight guy, who right now we both kind of like, but since that can swing back and forth at a moment’s notice, well, all you can do is stay tuned in and hope I am inspired to write about it (or that I am inspired and able to keep from talking about my partner or her issues except in the most superficial and non-blaming way, because as I’ve said before, writing about your partner’s intimate life on the world wide web is not the way to keep a marriage).

So, we were out at dinner with another couple, good friends of ours, and I said to my partner, “I think of this one as the Stork,” and she said, “Yeah, that fits.”  And I was like, “He’s really tall, so I tried to think giraffe, but stork kept coming up.”  And then the guy in the other couple said, “Do you name all your couples therapists after animals?”

My partner and I looked at each other.  And I was like, “No, only the last two.  Before the Sheepdog and the Poodle, let’s see, there was Oingo-Boingo and Niminy Piminy.  Names seem to go in phases.”

Then I had to tell the story of how I had my individual therapist in my email address book under “Dimwit,” but then I emailed her and she could see that, which did not make her very happy.  The other couple found this very funny.  Very, very funny.  I had to take the nickname off, and it was the only time I ever got caught in this little game.

Let us hope no other therapist reads this blog.

Metta for therapists.  Even though I don’t mean it.  I’m just not that spiritual.  Still.


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