A Visit to a Christopher Durang Play–OR COUPLES THERAPY AGAIN!


So, 3 sessions with the Stork Man, who we actually both kind of like, and who is ridiculously knowable for all of his quoting Eckhardt Tolle.  But, I am the Queen of the Backup Plan and my partner kind of likes having an out, too, so we decided to interview this new woman for comparison.

Let’s call her Santa Claus.

Actually, I don’t care what we call her.  Because all I can say is that I have always loved Christopher Durang, and once, at the Stage Source audition, when an actress did a comic monologue, and all the producers were like, “Who wrote that?  Was that a Durang piece?”  And I was like, “I wrote that.  Where did she get that?”  (I HAD written it.  And turns out I had given it to PP and she coached the actor.)  Anyhow, the point is I was in heaven for weeks because people thought I wrote like Durang.

Beyond Therapy is probably my favorite Durang play.  It contains a cast of insane characters, the therapist being the most insane.  She plays with a Snoopy puppet (I am obsessed with Snoopy) and can’t remember her clients’ names.

So when Santa Claus pulled out the gorilla puppet and the turtle puppet to illustrate the typical couples dynamic, I almost couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I was living a Durang moment.  Of course, the gorilla was me and the poor turtle was my partner, and I am never going back to see Santa again, but still.  So Durang, with the gorilla trying to gobble up the poor turtle, who just keeps pulling back into her shell.

I would like to say, on my own behalf, that I’m not often that needy.  Most of the time I’m doing what I’m doing right now, distracting and entertaining myself, while my partner, who no doubt would like to talk about our feelings about Santa Claus not being very jolly or giving good presents, watches the Patriot’s game.  I can be pressuring, controlling, hyperactive, etc, when I’m not creating something or making fun of someone (in only the most spiritual possible way, of course) or meditating and noticing how I am persecuted by inanimate objects.

I am very disappointed that Santa Claus didn’t turn out to be on my side.  Instead, the stork looms up Route 9 in his house by the park, bringing babies to the elderly in his spare time.

Or something like.

I got to be in a Durang play.

I can’t even tell you how that makes my day.

I hope someday to play the therapist in love with Snoopy.  The fact that it isn’t much of a stretch doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy the hell out of it.

Happy Turkey Day to all of you non-Durang people.  May someone act out your relationships with puppets for you between now and the end of the year.

It is an experience worth having.  Or at least blogging about.



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