3 days and counting….

So.  It happened.

The fight.

Not a blowout.

Unclear who started it.  I mean, you could trace these things back to the caves, if you know what I mean.

Also, I suppose I kind of started it, but only in the vaguest possible way.

We had just returned from interviewing the new couples therapist, and she had a scented candle we were both allergic to, so really, it’s her fault.

Anyhow, it looks like year 25 is still going to happen, fight or no fight.  We’re being all mature and talking about it.

Does this mean I can no longer text, “i hate u 4ever?’

I think it does.

I may lie down and die.  Because those texts really get me through the day.

Also, I am considering starting a whole new business.  Like, I plan new web pages in my head when I’m meditating.

I’m just a whole bunch of enlightenment in one body, let me tell you.


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