Dianna Wynne Jones, My Hero

So.  I own every book Dianna Wynne Jones has every written.  She is what J.K. Rowling should be–a fantastic writer of fantasy.  Fanciful, wildly creative, hysterically funny and super touching, filled with farmers who create human/animal hybrids, with political issues and wisdom, her books have entertained and enlightened me for 25 years.

I buy her books as soon as they’re released, in hardback, so I’ve been watching on Amazon for the next one, which just didn’t show up.  So I googled her and found out she died last March.  The thought of no more Dianna Wynne Jones books makes me incredibly sad.  No new universes, new magics, new lost and gifted children, no more unlikely relationships….she’s probably the most creative writer I’ve ever read, and reading her books consistently made me feel happy and glad to be in this world.

So.  I will miss you, Dianna Wynne Jones.

I loved Fire and Hemlock, Hexwood, Howl’s Moving Castle, A Sudden Wild Magic, Conrad’s Fate, The Pinhoe Egg, Deep Secret most, but really, anything she wrote on any day would do.

I plan to read all her books over again this year, just to celebrate her life, and the gift of her talent and imagination, which is joy, which remains as joy.


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