Addicted to Netflix: The State Within

Okay, so we all know (or maybe we don’t) that Netflix will suggest shows, based on your watching profile, and especially if you get bored with life and start going through and starring the movies and shows you’ve seen.

This is how I was turned on to The State Within by an operating system, very Her, in a watered-down way.

I watched it last night until 4am.  Why?  Well, I love thrillers.  And this one strikes the gong on every one of my paranoid fears concerning corporations running the world, and armies of mercenaries run by the likes of Dick Cheney, planning their black ops in the pursuit of greed and more greed and power and more power.  The State Within is a very anti-American show (produced by the BBC because no American network would take this on.  Meaning, by the way, that the series is intensely critical of American policies, politics, corporate interests, etc.  The first few shows depressed me, because I agree too much with the point-of-view.  Plus, it’s so ENTIRELY well-acted.  Flawless.  I tend to like British acting, writing and film-making better than much of what’s done in this country, but in this series, the American actors, lesser known actors, one might add, are excellent and just as good as their British counterparts.  I particularly like Sharon Gless, who is terrifically underrated and showing up now, later in her life, in Burn Notice, etc, and making every scene she’s in better than any scene in which she’s not.

Anyhow, I think we need to watch The State Within because it’s so intensely political, but YOU WILL WANT TO WATCH because the suspense drives every moment, because the stakes are so high (people keep getting killed), and because who needs to breathe while watching a thriller anyhow.

Of course, I’m now thinking, again, of moving to another country, but where in the world is beyond the reach of mercenary armies and black ops?  (Not that I’ve done anything of interest to anyone in power yet, outside of the usual marching on Washington, testifying before judiciary committees and working for political organizations as a volunteer.  But here’s hoping for more impact.  (Or not.  I am a pseudo-Buddhist…which is all about leaving less of a footprint.  It’s confusing.))

The State Within:  Grade A+++++++++.  Flawless.


PS–I own stock in Netflix.  But that’s not why I wrote this.  Really.


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