Mindfulness…the Answer to Everything?

Mindfulness really just means paying attention.

Being here, and noticing that you’re here.

Noticing that you have a body, and sensations/emotions that cry for expression and kindness.

Here’s the thing about being an actor–we challenge ourselves to be mindful under difficult circumstances–when we are being judged (auditions), when we are being private in public, when we are relating to other creative artists, when we are being directed. It’s mindfulness heavy lifting.

And there’s no other game in town.

We have to feel our bodies, and lean into what’s uncomfortable, or we suck. The things human beings do to feel safe–the compulsion to control, or to check out, or to numb–we can’t do them or we SUCK.

Thing is, what’s uncomfortable shifts, and there’s something new in the body, something new to express, if you just pay attention, breathe and lean in.

And let this be said–the more we judge our bodies as not good enough, the more we push and shove at ourselves, the harder it is to be mindful. Of course we do these things–the industry is insanely corporate and based on greed and this creeps in. So what to do? Kindness IS mindful. Pay attention that the thoughts are happening, bring a little kindness or softness to the place you hold it in your body, breathe, and then refocus on the present.

Being an actor is about being mindful. How great is that?

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